Kaizen Learning

Continuously Improving Learning



Hello! My name is Hiroyo Saito. I am passionate about improving teaching and learning. I consider myself a learning experience designer!  That is why I decided to start this blog Kaizen Learning. Kaizen(改善)refers to incremental continuous improvement in Japanese. I have been involved in education for my entire adult life from being a classroom teacher to administrative staff member. My current interest areas include Instructional Technology, Learning Science, Active Learning, Universal Design for Learning, and Learning Space Design. 

Professionally, I have been working as the director of the Instructional Technology Services at Haverford College since 2010. Before that, I worked as the Director of the Language Learning Center at Haverford College from 2003 to 2010. I also worked as the Interim Director of the Language Resource Center at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Before coming to the United States, I taught English at a private high school and a public Junior high school in Japan.

I hold an Ed. M. in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University and M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL) from Saint Michael’s College.

I am hoping to use this space to deepen my knowledge about teaching and learning. Let’s do some Kaizen Learning!